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The Group of Companies "Sazonov and Partners"

ensures that the rights and legal interests of our clients are observed. We provide efficient and professional services to protect your tangible and intangible assets.
Our practices

Arbitration and Commercial Litigation.Bankruptcy. Crisis management

Over 320 sucessful arbitration proceedings. Over 15 billion rubles' worth of protected assets. Challenging decisions of tax authorities.

Commercial Law. Real estate

Legal support for businesses. Transaction support services. Developing effective mechanisms for buisness protection. Legal support of transactions related to real estate, including commercial property. Representation in courts on disputes related to real estate, protection of the right of ownership.

Criminal Law and Criminal Defense for Businesses

High level of professional qualification, as well as performance ratio in economic crimes (91% of criminal proceedings dismissed during the preliminary investigation or reclassified to less serious offences).

Family and Inheritance Law. Family capital management. Family office. Asset management

Significant experience in family and inheritance disputes. Resolving conflicts through mediation.

Investment. Protection of investor rights

Legal support of investment projects. Maintenance of disputes in the securities market on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad

Legal support for Startups

Legal support for startup and business. Development of legal documents for the project, legal services for business.

Private International Law

Representation of clients in international arbitration courts. Comprehensive legal protection of clients in the territory of EU, USA,China, UAE and other Arab countries.

Protection of Intellectual Property. Legal services in the sphere of crypto-currency

Over 100 cases of IP-disputes in court and the Russian Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS).

Sports law

Consultations on sports law. Drawing up contracts. Representation of the interests of athletes, coaches, clubs.
All practices
Why us


Be open to the clients - this is one of the key rules of our company. We offer full transparency and disclosure of our activities to our clients.


We solve questions of any complexity and always aim at a positive result. The main goal of our work is to provide our clients with adequate protection of their rights and legitimate interests. All of our employees are graduates of Russia's leading law schools with significant professional experience. Our employees regularly undergo advanced training courses both in Russia and abroad, and are actively engaged in scientific activities.


We promptly respond to any emergency of our clients and ready for individual working schedule. We are flexible and capable of having client-specific cooperation terms.


Our principle is to act honestly and in good faith. We always fulfill our obligations to the clients and achieve a positive result in any endeavors and aspirations. We guarantee high quality of our work and prompt search for optimal solutions to the specific legal issues.


Our goal is to have long-term cooperation with our clients and partners and we achieve that by providing quality customer service. Client’s success is our success - we pay attention to each client.

Case-specific approach

In the provision of legal assistance and representation of clients we offer the best ways to resolve the issue by finding unique solutions. Each specific legal issue is studied from different perspectives in order to find an individual approach to the client’s task.
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Main news
Main news: Самые значимые нововведения ноября. Нововведения
Самые значимые нововведения ноября
1. Использование единого агрегатора торговли при закупках станет обязательным для некоторых заказчиков (с 1 ноября)
2. Прокатное удостоверение не понадобится "фестивальным" фильмам (со 2 ноября)
3. Начнет применяться административный регламент выдачи заключений о возможности использовать "пневматику" как оружие (со 2 ноября)
4. Будут использоваться обновленные формы заявлений о ведении ЕГРН (с 3 ноября)
5. Изменилась форма перечня заявлений о ввозе товаров и уплате косвенных налогов (с 3 ноября)
6. Электронной записи акта гражданского состояния будет автоматически присваиваться номер (с 4 ноября)
7. Организации, получившие статус МФО, будут представлять документы в Банк России по новым правилам (с 4 ноября)
8. Некоторые таможенные посты приспособят для электронного декларирования (с 5 ноября)
9. Скорректированы форма и формат декларации по земельному налогу (с 21 ноября)
10. Начнут действовать правила аттестации должностных лиц, осуществляющих деятельность в области оценки пожарного риска (с 25 ноября)
11. Будет применяться новая форма декларации по ЕНВД (с 25 ноября)
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