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Inheritance by will and by law
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Inheritance by will and by law

Inheritances are come into by will or by law. Significant number of disputes arises in case of actions brought to invalidate the will. The most common reason for challenging a will is the fact that the testator at the time of the will’s making was unable to understand the meaning of his actions or to control them. Our extensive experience in such cases proves that in order to achieve a successful outcome it is necessary to prepare the evidentiary base in the most careful way, since the courts proceed from the presumption of the testator's sanity at the time of the will, until it is proven otherwise.
The inheritance may be accepted within six months since the date of its opening. After this period has expired it is no longer possible to obtain the inheritance. However, this situation is not as hopeless as it may seem.
Thus, given the number of peculiarities in hereditary matters, it is advisable to trust an experienced lawyer who will develop the right strategy ensuring that the a positive outcome is achieved. The lawyers of the Group of Companies “Sazonov & Partners” provide qualified aid in disputes related to the acquisition of inheritance rights.
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